All About Evosun.

Creators of the Revolutionary Solar Pool Heater

Manufactured by the world leader in professional grade commercial
and residential solar pool heaters

Evosun is brought to you by Maytronics, the pioneer and world leader in leading-edge automated technology for residential and commercial pools. Established in 1983, Maytronics revolutionized the swimming pool industry. Evosun, the inventory of what is technically possible, is made in an automated modern factory with stringent quality control and a 30 year history of quality products.

With a groundbreaking list of patented features, the latest generation of products have been internationally recognized and are now sold worldwide in over 42 countries. Evosun solar pool systems are extensively tested in real-world conditions. Maytronics’ easy-access service centers are located close to you, and provide fast repair, convenience and efficiency.

Maytronics US, Inc. is proud to offer a full range of eco-friendly & sustainable solutions for all pool types and sizes. Learn more about our other products including our award-winning robotic cleaners at